Hangar K • Nelson Mandelaplein 2, 8500 Kortrijk

Capacity: 6 people

€30 / €60 / €180 / €300

1h / 2h / half day / full day


Meeting room

This meeting room called 'TGV' for 6 people is located in the centre of Kortrijk in Hangar K. You can easily park nearby and it is only a 5-minute walk from the station. Are you a company looking for an inspiring meeting room or a top location for your event? Look no further!


Location: Nelson Mandelaplein 2, 8500 Kortrijk

Good to know

Hangar K is a Co-creation hub in Kortrijk where students, start-ups and corporates meet. Salie is our lunch bar that is open for lunch every afternoon.

Parking is available at the Kortrijk Weide car park or the Haven car park. You can drive in and out with a Maestro, Master or Visa card. Instead of taking a ticket,

present your bank card at the entrance pillar when entering.

Reception can be found at the glass gates when entering.

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