Multipurpose Room 'Connect'

Kohezie • Coupure Rechts 620, 9000 Gent

75 / 150 / 250 / 450€

1h / 2h / half day / full day


Multipurpose room

Connect' seminar room - equipped with a grandstand for 36 people, 3x 55" 4K TV, sound system and microphones

At Kohezie you can get to work - completely unburdened and in peace in an inspiring environment.


Location: Coupure Rechts 620, 9000 Gent

Good to know

We prioritise a friendly atmosphere and create an oasis of calm with lots of plants to give you extra oxygen, the ideal workplace. You can get some fresh air in our indoor gardens. In addition, we organise many extra activities to promote cohesion.

Register via the digital reception at KOHEZIE, fill in contact details and enter CHRISTOPHE as the contact person. He will then come and collect you at the reception.

What our customers think of the Flex Desk

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-Jane Doe (company)

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