Office space

Lintoo Projects • Ieperstraat 434, 8930 Menen

30 / 50€

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Office space

This office space is located in a brand new modern building. Thanks to the many glass windows, there is plenty of natural light. Together with this spacious office, there is also furniture to temporarily store your belongings. Ideal for someone looking for a quiet place to work. This office is easily accessible by car and is close to a number of regional and larger access roads (such as the A19). Parking is also available. If you come by train, it is only a 5-minute cycle from Menen station. It is also convenient that a supermarket is located across the street. The workplace is located on the second floor.


Location: Ieperstraat 434, 8930 Menen

Good to know

Please park in the reserved areas of Lintoo: at the end of the parking on the left.

Lintoo projects is a project developer and therefore active in real estate development.

Coffee costs 1€.

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