Flex Desk

Gent Eedverbondkaai 242


Half day


Flex Desk

Our co-working space has a capacity of 80 seats.


Location: Eedverbondkaai 242, 9000 Gent

Good to know

You can come to us for everything! A workspace, an event space, for meetings, team days, ... Everything is possible! Do you doubt about something? Do not hesitate to ask us and we will gladly think along with you. We are also located next to Foodies Arena so lunch, cooking workshops, demonstration dinners, walking dinners, ... can always be arranged for you.

Our parking is located in the Paul Fredericqstraat 30 . A plus, we are a 5-minute walk from Gent Sint-Pieters station and can be reached by tram 1 & 4.

What our customers think of the Flex Desk

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-Jane Doe (company)

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