Flex Desk (Full day)

Studio Ko • Deerlijksestraat 57, 8500 Kortrijk


Half day


Flex Desk

8 flexible workplaces in an open space. Studio Ko is a coworking place where creative entrepreneurs & freelancers find focus, positive energy, mental peace and like-minded people.

Studio Ko is your office close to home. Literally and figuratively!

Colleagues who are not competitors, with whom you can spar or exchange ideas, have lunch together, learn things together ... or not. Because of course you do your own thing.

The following options are already available

- fixed or flexible workplace

- Free wifi

- Unlimited coffee, tea and water

- possibility of using meeting rooms


Location: Deerlijksestraat 57, 8500 Kortrijk

Good to know

Co-founder Rik heeft een ruime ervaring als bedrijfscoach, je kan bij hem terecht voor een coachingsgesprek over allerlei thema's zoals omgaan met moeilijke klanten, onderhandelingen voorbereiden, ...

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