Meeting room

Vagant • Voorstraat 32, 8500 Kortrijk

15 / 30 / 60/ €80

1h / 2h / half day / full day


Office space

This cosy meeting room for up to 16 people is located in the centre of Kortrijk. A 3-minute walk from the station. Parking P4 Houtmarkt and parking P3 K in Kortrijk. This meeting room is located above the Vagant, a lively pub in Kortrijk. Drinks can be served at the table.


Location: Voorstraat 32, 8500 Kortrijk

Good to know

Next to the Vagant is the Vesper, a well-known restaurant run by the same person. So if you want a good bite to eat after your business talks, this is the place to go.

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