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Frequently Asked Questions


Until when can I cancel as a guest?

The Guest can cancel a booking free of charge up to 72 hours before the transaction. If the cancellation is made later than 72 hours before the transaction, the Guest will be entitled to a maximum refund of 50 per cent of the amount paid.


Until when can I cancel as a host?

You can always cancel. If you cancel before the booking has been officially accepted, this is free of charge. If the Host cancels a booking after it has been accepted, it will be obliged to pay compensation of 15 per cent of the full booking amount. 


How can I cancel?

As a Guest, you can cancel your booking by logging into your guest account. There you will see your bookings under 'appointments'. If you click on the pencil under 'status' you can cancel the selected booking.


What if my host cancels?

You will automatically receive an e-mail informing you that your booking has been cancelled. If your host cancels after the booking has been confirmed, you are entitled to a discount voucher worth 10% of the amount of the cancelled booking excluding VAT. You can request this discount coupon by sending an email to [email protected]


What if my host cancels?

Your guest can cancel free of charge up to 72 hours before their arrival, in which case your space will become available again on proxpace.com and you can reclaim your rental fee. If the guest cancels later than 72 hours before their arrival, the host is entitled to 35% of the booked amount excluding VAT.


How do I become a host

watch this videowhere one of our clients explains.

Still have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!


When is my rental income statement issued?

At the end of the month, the rental fees are settled. It can then take up to 1 to 2 weeks before the money is on your account.


Do I have to accept bookings as a host?

Proxpace works with 2 systems:

Option 1: The Host chooses to automatically accept any booking immediately at the time of booking. The Host is then responsible for ensuring that he/she either keeps the availability of the Workspace up to date or communicates the availability to ProXpace as mutually agreed.

Option 2: The Host chooses to control whether bookings are accepted/rejected or not. The host has 2 days to refuse a booking. Refusal of a booking within this period is always free of charge. If the Host does not refuse/accept the booking within these 2 days, the booking will be automatically accepted by ProXpace and both the Host and Guest will be informed by email that the booking has been accepted.


How can I take beautiful photos of my accommodation?

Take your photos in sufficient daylight. Take photos from different angles. Make sure you have a good resolution.

Create atmosphere. Showcase unique facilities.


How does ProXpace help to build trust between host and guest?

When creating an account, the person's work e-mail address is always requested. By work email we mean an email address that contains the name of a company. This is because the ProXpace platform is used in the work environment and to allow the host to get an idea of who the guest is. In case of damage, the host immediately knows which company is responsible for the damage made by its employee. So with the ProXpace team we check that all accounts are created with work emails. We will also actively monitor hosts/guests and possibly exclude them from our platform if they show behaviour that is not in line with the terms of use. For more information, see section '13 Risk of exclusion from the platform' in the Terms of Use.


Can I repeat a booking?

Yes, this can be done easily by ticking the 'repeat this appointment' box when booking. Then your appointment will be repeated as desired.


Why was my booking refused even though the room was available in the calendar?

We strongly recommend that our hosts synchronise their calendar with ProXpace to avoid double bookings. However, not every host uses this functionality, so it can happen that they refuse a booking. The ProXpace calendar is a good indication, but you can only be sure of your booking once it has been officially accepted.


How can I share booking information with my fellow guests?

All the information about the booking, including a calendar notification tool, is in the confirmation e-mail. If you forward this to your fellow guests, they will have all the information they need. Including directions.


How do I easily find my ideal workplace?

Take a look at our offer! Here you can find all the workplaces we offer. At the top of this page you can find all the locations where we offer workspaces. If you click on the name of a city, you will automatically be directed to the overview of spaces in that city.


What if I have additional questions for my host?

Get in touch personally.

The contact details of your host are always included in the confirmation e-mail.


Is there an entry fee to place my space on the platform?

No! You only pay when your space is rented.